hidden, forbidden, holy ground.

the terror of death.
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la la la.

, being cooler than you, chrno crusade, eating the pancake islanders of pancake island, endrance is a pretty princess, giggling like mad, gtfo my fortress, gtfo you're in my grill, haseo/silabus, inside jokes are srs-bidness, it's .crack not .hack, kuhn: gay to the extreme, leon/cloud/riku/sora, our kingdom, overdosing on .hack, pancake island!, prince rei/princess akira, riku & sora's wild sex having, riku wants a muffin, riku & roxas are my girlfriends, sakakiiiiiiiiii!, saying "ner" and "muhar", shut up stupid bodyguard, sora wants a pineapple, staying up 'til 4 in the morning, vampire!endrance/hunter!haseo, yaoilicious mangas